The IOT cloud platform to support the devices.


The Internet of Things era has started and has the potential to touch every individual and every enterprise, improving daily life and helping businesses to be more streamlined and flexible.

The world of the Internet of things is in fact growing at an impressive rate, if we compare the 2 billion connected devices in 2006 with the expected 200 billion by 2020.

ECS wants to enable the Internet of Things through an innovative platform that allows intelligent devices , systems and people to connect more easily and interact safe and fast way.

myIOT | ECS is the new cloud platform  by ECS that allows the data collection, monitoring and management of connected devices, offering customers all the benefits of networking devices:

  • Precise and reliable data collection (device parameters, consumption, alarms, maintenance, breakdowns… )
  • Remote control of a device ( firmware update, parameter setting, on/off … )


The architecture

Custom tailored. For every need.

Ready to use model

In this mode, you will have a ready to use product, already equipped with all the functionality you need, tailored to the application area that it competes. For each user you can define access permissions to platform features and the possibility to choose the data to collect from the field.

Full custom model

You can access the platform through the APP using the prearranged interfaces.

Why it is different

The essential platform for your business

The implementation of the data access portal is performed on the basis of the needs and directions of the customer : this guarantees the ease of use.

Through the portal we ensure a safe and fast access to data.

Specific profiles are available for users, services of remote management, firmware updates, diagnostics, functional analysis, breakdown checks, App for Mobile, etc.

myIOTgrigio is usable across the most popular devices on the market , such as laptops , tablets and smartphones . This guarantees their accessibility always and everywhere.

More control. Everywhere.

More advantages. For everyone.

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