The advancement of technology and the constant evolution of lifestyles require the professional catering a continuous innovation capacity of its offer. A requirement that has always found in ECS the ideal answer, thanks to a deep knowledge of the latest electronic technologies, the constant attention to product innovation and quality of service.

Any requirement in the field of professional catering and pastry finds the ideal answer in RedStar line, applicable to each of the main devices of this sector:

myGUIblu and myTECHblu make available to our OEM the ideal platforms for the rapid development of modern controls for ovens.

Versatile standard or custom I/O boards allow you to determine the best architecture for any need. This range offers temperature controllers and actuators already designed for the most common functions used in gastronomy and pastry, and generally in the catering industry.

The potential of the inverter control allow to fully utilize the most advanced control algorithms of the oven atmosphere, modulating continuously and accurately parameters as speed, temperature, humidity and conductive/convective component.


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