We design and manufacture control boards for washing and thermal disinfection in the medical field. We offer solutions for small machines (small size and reduced amount of I/O) and for high capacity machines that require large amount of sensors.

The availability of a field bus (CAN) also makes possible the duplication of the control and the regulatory compliance of the equipment on the disinfection / sterilization, legislation that requires the adoption of redundant and independent hardware in the measurement and monitoring of process temperatures in order to ensure the reliability of the decontamination process.

The complete versatility of hardware solutions are complemented by sophisticated software solutions to ensure conformity of their approval in class A and B, according to the requirements of IEC 62304.

These are some features that confirmed the success of ECS’s devices: the cost effectiveness of the solutions, the possibility of total customization of hardware platforms, the choice of user interfaces -LCD touch type with customizable graphics (in sizes 3.5 “- 5” – 7 “- 9”), or “minimal” type at very low cost- the compliance with IEC 62304, integration with traditional monitoring systems on wired/wireless line, and towards proprietary solutions is that towards the platforms  myIOT blu of ECS.

The main devices that are part of the professional catering are:

WhiteStar is a line of devices for ware washing machines and disinfectors’ control. In this area, we have decided to propose the programmable platforms to give our customers advanced tools to facilitate a process of agile new products development.

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