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May 2016

2010 | March 09

In the refrigeration field, we are the first to introduce User Interfaces with the capacitive touch technology for interaction with the operator, used in conjunction with traditional LED displays.

2009 | June 09

We experience the fascination of Peltier’s cell technology: from an important collaboration with Electrolux born an innovative meal distribution trolley capable of recognizing the hot or cold food on board and of consequently managing the [...]

2000 | May 13

We facilitate our clients in the search for new means and tools to differentiate themselves in the market; likewise, driven by our knowhow and our experience, since 2000 we support the development of implementation projects [...]

1997 | March 3

A modular approach to climate control devices poses an important brick for future innovations and will bring ECS to develop controls in all of the HVAC market segments.