Customized electronic boards

Technological innovation and product reliability

We are an innovative company specialized in electronic design. For over 20 years, we have been manufacturing electronic products and services at the technological forefront in many application fields, standing out of the market for the completeness of the proposals offered to our customers. The personalization of the product and the search for innovative solutions are our strengths.
Our electronic devices born from the close collaboration of our team of experts with the customer, from the conceptual design to the production phase. Providing knowledge, experience and technology, we ensure the best service before, during and after the delivery of our products. This commitment allows us to be, now and in the future, a strong and reliable partner.


Our values

Everything we believe in, that characterize us

For us, each of our clients is a startup. Each project is the beginning of a new research and discovery and we can contaminate and be contaminated by new ideas in every project we engage. We facilitate the search for new means and tools to differentiate in the market, making available all our preparation and passion.

Our expertise and our professionalism are reflected in a high standard of product and services quality that, combined with a deep knowledge of the latest electronic technology, allows us to collaborate with important market leaders in different areas such as professional catering, refrigeration, HVAC, medical technology and more. Application sectorsProfessional catering, pizza ovens, patisserie, HVAC, medical equipment, refrigeration, soft ice-cream machines, wellness, plastic molding, agriculture.


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